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Sondagskool Hoekie / Sunday School Corner

10 June 2003 


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Tel 011 435 2505


Dear Pastor,  Superintendent and Teachers

Greetings in the wonderful Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. 


A N G E L S 

Are you aware of Angels?     Heb 13 : 2        

We must respect Angels.  1 Cor 11 : 10

Attached herewith is a copy of the article about Angels, from our 2000 Church magazine, written by our Moderator, Dr. Pastor Wally Frisby. The coloring in pictures are given as an activity for the children and for the competition, optional. We suggest that the Superintendent uses the lesson on Angels in a children’s service or that each teacher does a lesson on Angels for their Sunday School class. Use the lesson (lesson no 119), the attached writing on Angels written by our Moderator, Pastor Frisby and lesson number twenty seven from the Sunday School Bible Study Guide for your lesson preparation. May the Lord bless you richly as you study Angels.  May you come into contact with Angels.  



We would like to share what the Lord has done for you with others.  Send your testimonies and photographs etc. to us.  If it is published in the Church magazine and web site you will receive a gift of R50.00.


Congratulations to sister Lenie du Plessis and Davidsonville congregation, the winners of the CHILDREN’S PUPPET MINISTRY competition at the Faith Home during the morning services on Saturday 5 April and Sunday 6 April 2003.

Prize: Large puppet.

When last did you look on the internet at the Church’s web site?

Why not take a look at the Sunday School Corner. There are Sunday School lessons etc. on the web site.  Let us know what you would like to see on the web site. 


Please Motivate your Sunday School children to take part in our competitions and entries. Why not first use the entries for the competition in your own congregation for a competition before forwarding them to us?  


Be strong and full of courage


Thank you

Sister Jacqueline and the committee.



COMPETITION – COLOUR IN or DRAWING on A4 landscape paper: 

The  closing date is 31 July 2003.

THEME – Safety with the help of the Lord    OR  a Parable of Jesus.

Drawing for those who still attend Sunday School, any age.

The Colouring in picture is from pre school to 11 years old.  Please make photo copies of the colouring in picture. D.V. We will make a calendar for 2004.

Prizes are as follows:

Colouring in – One prize for each age, per year .  R30.00 pre school and R50.00 grades.

Drawing–1st prize R100.00; 2nd prize R75.00; 3rd prize R50.00 and R30.00 for the other drawings used for the calendar.  Every child that enters will receive a gift!




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